Bruce Ceja

Bruce Ceja 

Attend Pilates Class in Norwalk, CT

Bruce is an amateur boxer who has been training since the age of 12. He is deeply passionate about the sport, but also understands the science behind it to help improve the skill of any student. He is currently majoring in exercise science/physical education with a minor in health at Southern Connecticut State University. Bruce also just completed his full apparatus and mat Pilates certifications through The Fitness Guru, which is located in Brooklyn.

The knowledge he has learned from both schools can be seen in training sessions that include traditional Pilates exercises, advanced sports specific moves and cross training.

He also has 2 years’ experience in a physical therapy setting, which allows him to modify for injuries or even rehab and strengthen old injuries. Whether you are looking to become an amateur or pro athlete or looking to become healthier and make a life change, Bruce is here and ready to get you there.

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