Dana Belcher

Dana Belcher

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After tiring of the gym scene, Dana sought out an alternate yet demanding form of exercise that was less stressful on her joints, especially her knees. A friend suggested Pilates. After only a few lessons, she realized she had found her new calling.

Not only did Dana love Pilates, but she realized soon after that she wanted to teach it as well. She completed her apparatus and mat certification in the summer of 2011 through The Fitness Guru, under the guidance of Jen Mongeluzo. This instructor is passionate about helping people experience the thrill of being strong, flexible, balanced and centered.

“My goal is for clients to truly appreciate and celebrate their bodies.”

Dana recently completed the Pink Ribbon Instructor Program™ offered by Doreen Puglisi. She is a certified as a post rehabilitative breast cancer exercise specialist. The course provided an extensive overview regarding the diagnosis, treatment and recovery for breast cancer patients. It also included an exercise protocol for women who have had recent surgeries.

Learn More About The Pink Ribbon Program

The Pink Ribbon Program™ assists with stretching and strengthening the shoulders, chest, back and abdominal muscles. The goal of the exercise protocol is to assist women in regaining a range of motion in the areas affected by the breast cancer surgery. Dana wants to help every woman regain a sense of wellbeing that has been lost from diagnosis through surgery and into recovery.

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